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In this free 3-part video series, you'll learn:

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Between perfecting your product photos, curating content that creates customers, writing posts and emails, figuring out “to hashtag or not to hashtag”, chasing after sales…

And *gasp* contemplating doing a live video… it can start to feel like growing your handmade business online is more trouble than it’s worth.

Especially if it’s not bringing you more customers and sales! 

But the truth is… that fully committing to putting your handmade biz online is one of the MOST powerful things you can do - IF you take the right approach.

The problem so many handmade crafters have when it comes to taking their businesses online is that they’re spending all their time on the WRONG things and never gaining any traction...

Like scrolling and stressing about what everyone else is doing, instead of confidently creating and selling your crafts. Sound familiar?

By watching this free training series you'll learn what successful handmade craft entrepreneurs  are doing RIGHT NOW to make more and work less!


You Gotta Watch This Series If...

👉 Your craft shows have been cancelled and you're looking to figure out how to sell your handmade crafts, but you're feeling overwhelmed.

👉 You're ready to try something new because you haven't seen the results that you want from what you've been doing so far.

👉 You have a passion for making and sharing your talents with people who truly GET you.

👉 You're tired of spinning your wheels and doing it all alone.

👉 You're down for some LIVE bonus trainings with Amika!

A Personal Invite From Amika...

Five years ago I started making my own handmade crafts from the materials that my flock of sheep provided - that's right, I'm a modern day Shepherd.

Since then, I've created my own successful handmade business with hard work and creative strategies. I now enjoy multiple revenue sources in that same handmade business.

The secrets you'll learn during this training series are my proven strategies that I've used to build my dream business (and have used to help dozens of other crafts do the same), working on my own schedule and spending lots of time with my growing family. 

And it's about time that YOU do the same. There are simple steps you need to master to make more sales and grow your handmade business online - I'm here to teach you how.